What happens if we combine 7Eleven, Clear Channel and Selecta?
We get Kioskomatic 24Seven unattended stores.

“Our ambition is to be the nearest shop to customers open 24/7.
On the way to work, at work and on your way home.”


Imagine a life where you are not limited by opening hours. Where you at any time can buy the most necessary products, pick up and drop off you parcels and even order products from e-commerce stores for next day delivery. Is that to far into the future? No.

We will soon launch unattended convience stores for both cities, rural areas and events where short term solutions are required. Togheter with our partners we aim to create a new typ of interactive shopping experience that will revolutionizing the way people shop.

Our vision is simple, it is to create a new chain of self-served “grab as you go” stores. As the local convience store around the corner from where you live, but without any personnel. Open at a time that suits you.

By creating fully automated stores, we can operate at hours and at locations where traditional stores are not profitable.

Equipped with the latest technology,  we simply call this the retail of tomorrow.


24Seven Concept 24Seven Concept 24Seven Concept

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